Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First Week Back at Uni for Second Year!

We have a busy weekly schedule from the go, weekly tests and so on. Looks like we have to re-evaluate a lot of the five phase stuff from last semester and think about things from a patterns point of view. Lot more wrote learning for herbs as we grapple with the western chemical make up of them. Clinic hours have increased and clinic class started with the head of the faculty emphasising the importance of knowing the internals of the meridians by bashing the table at the same time as shouting the information out! However the feeling this semester is a bit more of relaxation nonetheless. Second year is demonstration of commitment to the course and the lecturers are definitely a bit more easy going as they have got used to us a bit more- I think anyway…
This came up:
Xiao Yao Wan
I had an acupuncture treatment for Wood invading the Earth (stress related). Mainly stomach points and one to the face and also ( you guessed it if studying) Liver 3, which is high up between the big toe and the second toe, ouch.
Anyway turns out it's a common problem and the patent pill medicine of Xiao Yao Wan is formulated to help. It’s popular enough to have a dedicated facebook group. Turns out the solution is a problem as well. I asked “how many do I take?” when I met a fellow student at lunch from third year. The reply, as the bottle was being emptied out generously, all of them…


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