Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bondi Beach Acupuncture and Bondi Beach Herbs

Bondi Beach Acupuncture. Bondi Beach Herbs

Acupuncture treatment suited for your needs, for pain and many other conditions.

* Pain: Back/Neck Injuries, Headaches, Migraines, Arthritis...

* Respiratory: Asthma, Allergies...

* Psychological: Addictions, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Stress...

* Gynecological: Infertility, Menstrual Problems, PMS...

* Digestive: Constipation, IBS, Reflux, Weight Loss...

* Cardiovascular: High Blood Pressure/Cholesterol, Poor Circulation...

Available are on site pre-cooked herbs in packs that you just drink, courtesy of  an amazing machine  from China. 

The rooms are of a very comfortable and high standard at the Chinese Medicine Centre in Roscoe Street and I am treating from a medical centre on Bondi Road.  I am absolutely thrilled to be able to offer you a treatment and if you would like to know more just get in touch through my email, check out my website or got to the conacts tab above:

damienbodnarchuk (at)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tues BBQ and Thursday Fertility Master class with Kathryn Taylor!

The Chinese Medicine Society
Friendship, Knowledge, Victory!




Free Kathryn Taylor book lucky door prize! Courtesy of China Books!

FREE Helio $50 gift vouchers lucky draw available, just for attending!!!!/event.php?eid=170931019632108

FREE for members, join on the night or $10

Kathryn Talyor Infertility Master Class on  Thursday 26th May, 6.30pm. Room, UTS City Campus, Room: CB02.05.38

Bring along an infertility case that you would like to discuss (a patient is even better!) Or a case history with a photo of the patient and a photo of their tongue for an infertility case history master class! That's right we're going to workshop cases with Kathryn heading the discussion. Dynamic, involved (as much as you want to be), practical and packed with information to take your practice to the next level!


BBQ 24th May: Cheap snags and veggie burgers. Tuesday 12pm onwards, UTS Alumni Green with gold coin donation massage!!! Get a free Helio $50 gift voucher!

Qi Gong classes scheduled in 2 weeks at UTS Tuesday afternoons

Hatha yoga classes coming soon

Plans for end of semester social, developing! Tell us your ideas!

Stay warm,

Damien Bodnarchuk
President The Chinese Medicine Society

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Own grown organic herbs for clinic!

My gardening skills and ideas are developing. Just recently a friend of mine, who is a keen organic gardener, showed me some of the herbs he was growing.
I jumped out of my chair in excitement when he told me he had a goji berry plant. I rushed over to have a look at it. The idea of growing some Chinese herbs in Sydney is very possible and below is a picture.

Goji plant.

Also growing very productively was a mugwart plant. Or in Chinese herb terms the much treasured moxa herb for moxibustion. (Ai Ye).

 Moxa Herb:

Mugwort is such a mysterious, beautiful and exciting herb, steeped in western and eastern folklore! I am very excited to have it growing close by to clinic. I intend to pick it, dry it and use it for moxa in clinic to help patients. It really is a very beautiful natural loop to grow local, have local access and treat local. I can't wait to introduce it to patients and see the look on their faces when they discover also that it is from just around the corner :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Acupuncture at 77 Bondi Road Medical Centre

Acupuncture at 77 Bondi Road Medical Centre.

On Wednesdays all day I am available for acupuncture treatments at 77 Bondi Road Medical Centre.

This is a great privilege for me to be treating side by side with western medical doctors and I am really happy to be able to do so.

In the waiting room the main doctor who runs the practice has a sign on the wall. " Be the change you want to see in the world". I immediately knew I would be comfortable working in such a place.

So if you are in Bondi, need acupuncture and like the idea of a combined western and eastern treatment, the possibility is a very real and very down to earth reality.

For bookings you can call direct:

77 Bondi Road Medical Centre Acupuncture

02 9389  7573

or check out the website:!the-centre

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Patient Updates

The concierge of a famous Bondi hotel called me. They had a guest who needed a massage: my next patient.

I had just finished an all day task when I got the call and I had one hour to head across Sydney before the appointment.  Fortunately the hotel is a short walk from the clinic in Bondi Beach, so I booked the patient in there and had everything ready.

I met the patient. A tall, athletic African American. We chatted and he was a sports coach for a family that live in America that had flown him over to Sydney while on their holidays!

This was probably the toughest patient I had met. He had muscle on his back that was like rope either sides of his spine. Thick upper body trapezius muscles. Toughest of all he had the most amazingly defined latissimus dorsi muscles from his particular expert field of tennis. They where like girders sticking out on the Empire States building!

He had muscle aches and pains and also wanted a very strong massage and his calf muscles squeezed out.
Calf muscles are usually sensitive. I used elbow, all my body weight and my muscle pressure which only seemed to mildly effect him here!

I decided to introduce him to glass cupping technique. I love this simple and powerful technique. Using fire to create a vacuum in a glass cup that sucks the flesh up and squeezes out all the muscles! Even at uni clinic I had a preference for this technique and today I discovered something I loved in Chinese medicine. His desire for a strong massage and the power of this technique were perfect. I did many different variations of this technique on his back which totally satisfied his muscle issue.

It was a real buzz to meet a talented person, from the other side of the world and make a difference. I’m going to try cupping technique on his calf muscles, something I would rarely do on any other patient, on his next booking.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Health in Africa

A friend of mine is on an excellent adventure in Africa.
He's a gifted student, a very likeable chap and he has studied Chinese medicine and is on the path to western medicine too.
He's going around the place helping out with a mine over there.
He's in the most privileged of positions: communicating with elders and bringing information to communities. His blog is very frank, well written, funny and gets you right up close to the action, Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

European Directive on Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products, Directive 2004/24/EC Overview and info list!

This is the longest gap between posts in this 5 year old blog!

I have been a busy bee!

However I have been prevented from an early catch up sleep tonight to bring you the news on a policy that came into final action 1st May in Europe.

Following is a brief personal overview of the law, how it is established in Australia already and a gathering of main information sites and action sites.

Its a regulatory law on herbal medicines.

An overview of it seems to suggest that it is for large scale safe practice. It does not apply to formulas made up after one on one consultations. However products made and sold on to many consumers are regulated in with this law, under a GMP stipulation (Good Manufacturing Practice).

From what I can understand, in Australia, this is already in practice. Australia has been a member of this European convention and adopted its own GMP standard already.

For your overall perusal and understanding:

The European Directive on Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive 2004/24/EC

Herbs already under this directive in Australia, a herbs seller in Sydney outlines this 
What Maciocia says:

Information before you sign the petition (like I did already!)

A popular petition you can sign against the directive

A scientist's opinion on the petitition

Hope this gives you an overview to make an informed choice from


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