Monday, October 22, 2007

Back on track

These are my study cards for point location. I'm a visual type..!

Hi Blogs,
A couple people come up to me in the week and said when’s your next entry? So here it is.
Firstly excuses: Since I got sick I got a bit unmotivated and then some mid semester exams railroaded me. I was doing my work, but what I had let slip before towered over me for a few weeks. With so much info building up each week I was losing a psychological battle! Plus I have had some personal emotional factors distracting me.
Anyway got re-inspired, I’ve beaten my current deadlines by a week or so and I’ve just started revising for what’s coming up in 4 weeks-End of sem exams, then its one year over-amazing!
So perhaps what really helped was: mum’s home cooking, a few acupuncture treatments, new summer weather, Dalai Lama chatting with George Bush, and a revitalized way at looking at clinic. Everybody thinks Clinic, actual hours in the student clinic with patients from the real world, is quite a drag. Basically it’s a bonus time to me. The practical application is helping out a lot and I reviewed my attitude to clinic in a few ways and it has helped me to keep inspired:
1) A few years of patient records is a wealth of info to check out
2) Experiment. Don’t be dictated to by all the protocols-God knows in my own clinic I will never have this much freedom and ability to try new things!
3) In down time, go through massage techniques with some fellow students and then throw in point location and channel location, perhaps a few needles.
4) Make tea for everyone and try out all the herbs in the dispensary.
5) With patients, call them up to find out more about their treatment-we have their details on record-why not?
6) Just be proactive. Get stuck right in and join the practitioners, don’t be lead by the hand the whole time. For example I got asked to do the cupping on one patient last week just because I was right in the practitioners face so much!
7) Lastly do not spend the whole session in the tea room or studying for other classes. It’s a valuable experience-squeeze it for everything you can get out of it and then suck the last dribbling entrails off from your wrists to the elbows!!!!MMM Tasty


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