Friday, November 21, 2008

Health Science Exam looming

This is an inch of paper I have to know for an upcoming exam in a few days. Its a real pain in the ass to have a two week break then your final exam! The motivation has stopped. The good thing is without a million other subjects to go over you can actually focus and the huge pressure of other deadlines aren't there! Either way you got to do it. O crap looks like beach weather too!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Around the corner from UTS in China Town

Found out the other day that one of my fellow colleagues has deep associations with China town. Another colleague and myself decided to head to China town for lunch when we bumped into Fiona. I knew her parents had a restaurant on Dixon Street (the guts of China town in Sydney) and she invited us into the Tea House they also owned next door. Thanks for the Chrysanthemum tea. Here I learnt that the tea house was one of the oldest buildings in China town, over 150 years, and that her family had been working at the same place for generations. It was a nice experience to sip Chrysanthemum tea in such a authentic place and hear of this history. Cheers Fiona!

PS. Exams almost done for this semester. We just had one on Saturday! and now we have a two week space until the next...


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