Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Questions For The Universe

Is there a tipping point to natural health?

What are people’s ideas of health ?

Is there a new paradigm ready to explode?

Are people willing to look after themselves more?

Do people care about what they need to do to look after themselves?

Is there an initiative to question a doctor’s opinion?

Do people wish to explore their full potential? Go beyond a wall of thinking?

Are they ready to see something beautiful? Can they feel the energy of health at their finger tips? Are they ready to grasp an opportunity and say I have a choice about how I feel and where I want to go?

What if there was a way forward? What if the world could function with love and boundless energy? Who are the people to take us forward? Does anyone feel an energy of doing that is coming up fast on the horizon? How can a sparkling life of health become the reality? Do we have to repeat over again? Or can we see creativity and renewal? Is there a sparkling jewel of health? Is there a prism of health we can look into and with our minds create something positive? Can we see, think, create a positive health consciousness?

What is it with these battling paradigms?

How can we realistically say one thing is good or bad? What effects health? How can we affect it for the best? It’s exciting and complex. Is the complexity an illusion? A cut diamond refracting in a million different ways, from a single repeated shape. What are these structures of existence? Are they obvious? Why do they fascinate me? Can these things be real?

The best minds are placed where? Who are these people and what are they like? Their personality or what they want? Is anybody ready to explore and ask?

Friday, May 21, 2010

External pathogenic evil, computer abuse wind cold attack!

TCM new external pathogenic evil found!

Someone in class did a presentation. And abusing computer was a diagnosis. When the computer attacks. We all know that feeling!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Statistics and Tongue Diagnosis

Favourite specimen right here
I have to do statistics. Anyway we did an in class assessment of tongues for a trial of some sort. Actually at the time I realised it was pretty weird so I took some pictures. Here we are in computer lab checking out tongues. Only in TCM!
A few weeks and it will be the end of semester. All sorts of crazy at the moment. Soon it will be over and then only one more to go and then off to China! Now that will be some all sorts of crazy. I'll take my camera

Thursday, May 13, 2010

This is how you doze it

Flat out crash nap

Amazing sitting up super snooze here too
Incredible skillz
WOW Yup real skill hereNice, some great works people

Monday, May 10, 2010

Herbal clinic-eczema

Before treatment pictures in March 2010

After treatment pictures April 2010

A 20 year old female patient came to the herbal clinic with chronic eczema on her hand. It had flared up and had become worse recently in March 2010. I saw her in cllinc on 30th April 2010.

When she first came in there was a lot of redness and some cracking of the skin and even some previous bleeding. She was given herbs to drink on her first consultation but she couldn’t drink them as they made her physically sick. She discarded the weeks worth. On her second appointment we prescribed an external herbal wash. She boiled the herbs and soaked her hands in the water for a period of time.

We did a tcm diagnosis of Blood deficiency with dry wind heat

These pictures are the week after the first external herbal wash. Here you can see it is reduced in redness and it is less dry. The patient was very happy with the results and so were we!

On reflection the condition was localised so we should have gone for an external wash originally.

It is very interesting to see the patients that come in when the season changes. As we come to Autumn here in Australia the influx has been coughs and in this past two weeks skin conditions have been coming in as the cold dry weather effects and dries peoples skin.

Here’s the external wash formula used:

Ku Shen 20g Damp/Heat clearing

She Chuang Zi 30g External application

Huang Bai 20g Damp/Heat clearing

Bai Xian Pi 20g Heat and Toxicity clearing herbs

Bing Pian 2g Aromatic herb

Tu Jin Pi 20g Known to stop itching

Boil for 40 mins, cool, add a pinch of Bing Pain and soak hands 10-15mins. Then moisturise

Saturday, May 8, 2010

In the clinic

Clinic is rolling along: patient updates soon!

In the meantime the flyer went to a dimension beyond what I had imagined for it on Friday! Laura's mug got put on a mug. I thought it was great :P


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