Tuesday, April 24, 2012

General update for April 2012!

Hello Blogs,

I have been running around and now I have some time to give you an update!

This is me in a sequined red bow tie..! Thanks to the clinic manager at Gp on Ebley. This was for fashion forward Friday!

Not for the squeamish! During a break in tutorial I was teaching ( the professor had gone next door to do one on one point location) we had some down time. Just so happens I brought along some 6 inch needles to play with. What a brave year! Two people did self acupuncture with a through and through technique from St 37 to Bl58. Good for shoulder pain.

 Showing how much of the needle has gone in
 Here we have a brave student!

Needle all the way in

Just about poking through on the other side, through the calf muscle (bump in middle of calf muscle)

 Some beds set up for community acupuncture

 People playing on a window ledge, main road Bondi

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Here's a general update from March!

Communal Community Acupuncture under the Wellness by the Sea programme in Bondi Beach


One of the tables that got donated. Old but super strong!

Foam padding on it, then a blanket is used on top of that. Pretty comfortable actually!

Here's the space used. They very generously allow us to use the chapel
 Treatments  and ran out of table space, so used a towel on the floor!

Chinese medicine is going into registration Australia wide from July1. Here's Judy James, president of AACMA, giving one of several 5 hour seminars on it!

 End of the seminar

Me handing out flyers on the street with a friend to promote my everyday clinic in Bondi Junction

An amazing Sydney sunset! Bridge on the left


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