Saturday, October 31, 2009

First glimpse new flyer for next year!

Front, see if you can find the spelling mistake!

Back of flyer, website, map, acupuncture description and Free TCM Health Assessment! More about that later. Also even made a twitter account. Will link soon!
Phew, so much on right now, but couldn't resist showing this almost finished flyer for the UTS TCM FYIC (Final Year Internship Clinic) for next year. These are clearer when printed BTW and they are 1/3 A4 size. So we get 3 on every A4 print.

Yes we have been busy organising and planning for next semester. I wanted to get as much done now as I could so that everybody could hand out flyers and promote over the uni break coming up. Hopefully we will be able to do that if we can print at the beginning of next week.

This version is about the 6th (6th!) draft in a line of changes and ideas. I did surveys, took pictures, retook pictures, wrote text, changed text, talked to people, got feedback, rechanged stuff, talked to my lecturer, got his ideas, changed stuff, bossed people around for more pictures! So firstly thanks very much Fiona Cho, who is the master of photoshop,for your talents and being so patient. Was fun working in the guts of China town in your shop on this! Thanks to everyones feedback as well and thanks a lot for letting me take pictures too!

Let me know what you think. All feedback is good!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Front Desk pics

That's me in the front
Might use some of these on the new website for the UTS TCM FYIC (Final Year Internship Clinic), stay posted for a link soon-thanks everybody.

Here you can see us in the reception area of the clinic, can't wait to get in amongst it properly next year!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cupping of cyst after fire needle technique

This video has gone to over 90,000 views now... I wonder how far it will go?

Next week or so I will put up a video of having a consultation at the UTS TCM clinic. It will be used around uni on the video screens for next semester hopefully, well that's the plan!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Friendly visitor

Angus and myself in the break room

A friendly visitor came by the clinic. Angus had been checking my blog and decided to pop by for a visit during the week. Was great to meet him and hear his ideas and I showed him round the herb dispensary, and treatment rooms.

Also I managed to squeeze in his first acupuncture needle experience which he thought was pretty good. I thought it was pretty good too as I have been in clinic observing for 3 years. Later I realised he was the first person I had acupunctured in the clinic. So a good double. Thanks.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pericardium 5, Jianshi, bruise

We did treatments on each other last week and I had PC5 needled. Didn't feel a thing, felt OK during and no pain on needle removal. The next day I looked at my arm and I had this bruise there. Just goes to show sometimes you can get bruising from needling without misplacing the needle. What's your theory on the bruise and what it can mean from a TCM point of view?

PS since I last put that post up about the cupping video, views have gone to 83,000 plus now!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tattoo, herbs and students

Here's a picture of a fellow student studying tcm in the year above me and her tattoo "Puff" on her right shoulder. In the background were some herbs she was measuring out for a patient. The name of her tattoo is puff the magic dragon .

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Favourite funniest herbs of the moment

Wu Ling Zhi
Regulates Blood, transforms stagnation and stops bleeding
Flying Squirrel excreta or Possum Poo!

Pu Huang
Stops Bleeding, Dispels Blood Stagnation, promotes urination
Even though there is 'Pu" in the name there is no poo in it ! It's pollen

Best of all these two herbs combine to make the following Formula:
Shi Xiao San translates to Sudden Smile Powder
Indicated for irregular menstruation, painful periods, pain in the lower abdomen, severe pain in the middle abdomen
I guess the smile comes when the pain stops, not after you know what the ingredients are

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Inside the TCM clinic part2

Here's some more pictures from inside the clinic, thanks guys.

Captured this nice exchange after a particular question about something or other. Made me laugh just looking at it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Inside the UTS TCM Clinic Part 1

Treatment begins on a patient with neck pain

Over to the trolley to get the right needles for the job

Needles ready for treatment
Observing and learning

Here’s one of those privileged glimpses into a world less seen: the inside of a public acupuncture clinic in full swing.

I wanted to capture some of the intensity, learning, fun and pace of the clinic with Cong. Thanks Cong, the practitioner, and James for letting me take the pics. And of course the generous patient, who let me snap away happily.

Cong books 2 patients every half hour, so the pace is busy in his clinic. Once I asked why and he said to help us learn more, he didn’t want to see students bored in the break room .

Here we see a patient with upper cervical spine pain and musculoskeletal issues around the same area being treated, maybe his third one.

Cong will laugh and joke with his patients, helping them in every way he can. He is very generous with his teaching and will have a laugh and joke with all of us.

At one stage a Chinese patient was on one side of the room speaking in Mandarin, Cong might have been telling her to relax in the same language, while acupuncturing a native Spanish speaking patient and joking with her in broken Spanish, while at the same time fielding my questions, another student is waiting to get a patient record signed off. More pics 2moz

Monday, October 12, 2009

Facebook UTS TCM 4th Year Clinic


Very exciting. Here's the Facebook page for the UTS TCM 4th Year Clinic. We will be in clinic next year, but it's nice to get things up and running, click the title for the link.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Clinical Practicum Acupuncture Class

Here's James doing Moxa on Spleen 6

Well it’s one a.m. here in Sydney and I can’t get to sleep yet. Thinking about the things I have to do for study and worrying about it.

Just recently a very lovely person donated a camera to the CMA foundation. Lots of love and big thanks :)

It’s a really good one and I’m having heaps of fun using it. It’s so quick! All my previous pictures have been on my phone camera. It paused a while before and after taking a picture. This one is instant and has quick burst shooting as well.

Here are some pics from Clinical Practicum. It’s a class that has theory and a practical component. We are over viewing and developing our TCM theory and then in the other class we are diagnosing, doing acupuncture on each other and adding herbal medicine theory too.

I am also part of a group that is organising advertising for our 4th year internship in the public clinic next year, more about that soon. I have been developing some flyers with the group and a website and other exciting bits. Can’t wait to put them on the blog to show!

I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I have taking them. Look out for more on the way!


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