Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Inside the UTS TCM Clinic Part 1

Treatment begins on a patient with neck pain

Over to the trolley to get the right needles for the job

Needles ready for treatment
Observing and learning

Here’s one of those privileged glimpses into a world less seen: the inside of a public acupuncture clinic in full swing.

I wanted to capture some of the intensity, learning, fun and pace of the clinic with Cong. Thanks Cong, the practitioner, and James for letting me take the pics. And of course the generous patient, who let me snap away happily.

Cong books 2 patients every half hour, so the pace is busy in his clinic. Once I asked why and he said to help us learn more, he didn’t want to see students bored in the break room .

Here we see a patient with upper cervical spine pain and musculoskeletal issues around the same area being treated, maybe his third one.

Cong will laugh and joke with his patients, helping them in every way he can. He is very generous with his teaching and will have a laugh and joke with all of us.

At one stage a Chinese patient was on one side of the room speaking in Mandarin, Cong might have been telling her to relax in the same language, while acupuncturing a native Spanish speaking patient and joking with her in broken Spanish, while at the same time fielding my questions, another student is waiting to get a patient record signed off. More pics 2moz


Anonymous said...

I give full credit to Cong as running a clinic in this way is the only viable way to run a profitable clinic.
Learning this style of acupuncture means wasting less time and getting higher volume.
Quite frankly patients get bored with the other styles and tend to turn up less.
This style requires excellent skills in pulse taking and tongue diagnosis. Or just wing it.
I bet there isn't too much chit chat.

Damo said...

Nice point, maybe flat out is the only way to go in the big smoke! More 2moz as took about 200 pics..!


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