Sunday, October 11, 2009

Clinical Practicum Acupuncture Class

Here's James doing Moxa on Spleen 6

Well it’s one a.m. here in Sydney and I can’t get to sleep yet. Thinking about the things I have to do for study and worrying about it.

Just recently a very lovely person donated a camera to the CMA foundation. Lots of love and big thanks :)

It’s a really good one and I’m having heaps of fun using it. It’s so quick! All my previous pictures have been on my phone camera. It paused a while before and after taking a picture. This one is instant and has quick burst shooting as well.

Here are some pics from Clinical Practicum. It’s a class that has theory and a practical component. We are over viewing and developing our TCM theory and then in the other class we are diagnosing, doing acupuncture on each other and adding herbal medicine theory too.

I am also part of a group that is organising advertising for our 4th year internship in the public clinic next year, more about that soon. I have been developing some flyers with the group and a website and other exciting bits. Can’t wait to put them on the blog to show!

I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I have taking them. Look out for more on the way!

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