Saturday, November 26, 2011

Early Morning Bondi on the Bike

Here I am cycling to Bondi early morning to do Chinese medicine consultations for the fitness group Evolution to Wellbeing after their training session.

Enjoy the sunrise and the early morning tweeting birds :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1 million plus youtube and on radio acupuncture!

Was great to check my videos recently to see one of them is well over 1 million views!
Check out the weird, outrageous and funny comments:

Also I was on the local radio station, Bondi FM. I did an on air treatment! It was great fun and the presenter was very happy with the result, have a quick listen if you get time :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Community Acupuncture: McDonalds of Acupuncture?

Anyone wanting a good price for acupuncture might be interested in community acupuncture. But what does this term mean and is this the McDonald’s of Chinese medicine?

A quick look at a website from a community acupuncture association called ACMAC’s (the association of community and multibed acupuncture clinics) states it’s all about affordability for the patient.

A practical example of this is the community acupuncture network ( . They state it is a non-profit organisation based in America that gives a price range from $15-$40 per treatment. Google “community acupuncture Australia” and you might find a site that has cheap acupuncture, cash only.

A basic dictionary definition of community is a group of people with a shared interest. When I asked a couple of friends about this in the context of acupuncture they came up with ideas like: not for profit, or a volunteer service by people to help others. Surely that’s how it would be so cheap they said.

So when the term “community” is used in a context with acupuncture it takes on other connotations of not for profit. That’s because the roots of community are about people sharing with each other, without benefiting off of each other.

So how does this heavily used term become defined within acupuncture and business? Well it’s a grey area.

Glancing at the ACMAC site it doesn’t specifically say what this definition is. If we look over a community acupuncture site in Sydney it doesn’t mention if it’s not for profit or not.

Community acupuncture for some is definitely a business though. Someone profits from a large turn over and can charge cheaply because there is a large number of people coming through the door. That’s fine.

The intent behind what is done is as important as the deal though. Qualified acupuncturists providing cheap community acupuncture can be based under  two models. A business one and a not for profit one. When using the term community acupuncture, this should be made clear.

Making this clear will go a long way with helping everyone be less naive about the reason for low cost treatments and to make an informed choice. To know that community acupuncture can mean volunteer or a business means a clear choice.

A seminar in Sydney is coming up the 29th October run by a group called ACMAC (the association of community and multibed acupuncture clinics) will provide a forum for this.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Australian features the Boot Camp I help with acupuncture and herbs in Bondi

The Australian newspaper checked out the boot camp the day I was down there a few weeks ago!

I didn't get a mention as I was actually training, but Hugh Jackman did, check it out!

Here's the link for the article as well:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

GP on Ebley: Chinese Medicine Professional Damien Bodnarchuk!

I am practicing acupuncture and herbs from Gp on Ebley in Bondi Junction.
This is a very dynamic and progressive general practitioners surgery with a range of specialists working from it. Here's a snap shot of me on their website :)

Great to be a part of it :)

This is there website:

Monday, October 3, 2011

Green spaces and parking places

I was on my way somewhere in the city last week and I saw some greenery on the road.

It was set up with chairs, tea and plants! On one of the busiest streets in Sydney.

This group of radicals had paid for their parking spots and set them up how they wanted to!


Paid parking tickets on the side of the road :)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Bondi: Sunny Days!

At the moment the weather has gone cold and a bit rainy!
Last Friday was a super hot day.
Here's a reminder, to keep you inspired, of that sunny day.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bondi Beach: Festival of the Winds

The Festival of the winds is a kite festival down at Bondi each year.
My favourites were the whale kites. Held up high by a box kite above them they looked very majestic and even realistic swimming in the sky.

Also this was a favourite one. The high up kite on a single string. This reminded me of when I was in Beijing almost at the same time as this last year. Wherever you were in the city you could look up and above the massive unit blocks you would see at least one kite, high, high up.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hugh Jackman and

Haha. Thought that would get your attention!

I was training with Evolution to Wellbeing this morning, the group I do acupuncture and herbs with, at Bondi and guess who rocked up?

Well he rocked by on the way to the surf for a swim. He said hi, was surrounded by 6 or 7 paparazzi . He asked us to join him. Next time Hugh. Have a great day

This picture taken yesterday at Bondi:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Early Morning Bondi and Evolution to Well Being!

Friday I'll be up bright and early again!

I'm am the main health professional working with the very organised and holistic training group: "Evolution to Well Being"

See you there 6.50 am!

Evolution's website: click on their logo!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Disco Smoke and Acupuncture

I was doing acupuncture at Bondi Road Medical Centre the other week and I was walking through disco smoke!

The guy who fills the doctor's liquid nitrogen container stopped by and did his normal refill. I haven't been there before when he's done this. Liquid nitrogen swept the floors and the place was disco'd!

Here's a video of kids and liquid nitrogen. Haha Fun!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Evolution Bondi, Acupuncture Bondi!

If you want me at 6am Friday mornings I am down at Bondi Beach helping a fitness group called Bondi Evolution to Well Being.

I am their alternative health "go to" person.

So I get to meet this great group of people and do acupuncture and massage for them to keep them going!

See you there at sunrise!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quick look at tutoring Chinese medicine!

I have been in a privileged position to tutor a class at University of Technology, Sydney in the undergraduate Chinese medicine course.

Here's a quick spin around the room to show you!

It's been challenging, fun, hard and amazing to see everything from the other side of teaching.

And guess what? I feel as though I have learnt more from this side of things than the other side as a student!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A giant amount of pills

On a mission to find some patent pills I met a giant surprise!

These great blue and white pills turned up in the clinic I work in. They look quite attractive, but I didn't try one.

I have no idea what they are for at the moment, but hopefully soon I can let you know!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Night time waves at Bondi

It's Spring here in Sydney. However it is super chilly today, even more rude as we had a few bliss warm days and it was warm last night!

I finished doing some late acupuncture treatments last Wednesday and had look at the water afterwards at Bondi, next to Icebergs pool. I was so surprised! Some clever people had snuck in (the pool is closed after 6pm I think).

The waves were huge and the night was chilly, so it was a very daring exploit! Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

David Legge Talk coming up

The Chinese Medicine Society presents a talk and workshop: Thursday 1st September 6.30pm, UTS, City Campus.

David Legge patient workshop and talk: Acupuncture Treatment of the Muscular System Using the Meridian Sinews (the Jing Jin)
David is a well known and successful practitioner in Sydney, author and presenter (seminars coming up soon!). He is well know for his book "Close to the Bone". See if you can see it in the video above ;)

Bring a patient or a case study for another dynamic interactive and fun workshop. Learning and developing a case right in front of your eyes!

Contact Damien to book a case study

Free for members, join on the night. Or only $10. Snacks and drinks provided!

Room details to be announced soon

Friday, August 19, 2011

Communal Community Acupuncture @ Magnolia House, Rose Bay

Communal acupuncture is where a group of people receive an acupuncture treatment in the same room. It's not as crazy as it sounds! 

Firstly a lot of common acupuncture points are easily accessible with clothes on! 

Secondly there is a very pleasant dynamic with a group of people doing the same thing in unison. It's a powerful and transformative process.

In this picture you can see the basic set up and where we practice, in the church hall area. 

For only $19 you get the same acupuncture treatment as compared to regular prices. However with less of the VIP set up, but still the same effect. In fact the effect may even be more profound due to the psychology of the group dynamic, at the very least!

Plus it's not for profit, so you're surrounded by people who love what they are doing. That in itself is a special and lovely feeling.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Waverley Community Garden

A couple of months ago I heard about a community vegetable garden dig in Bondi. Me and a few friends went along as it was no ordinary dig!

This vegetable patch had 2 key main interesting features.

Firstly it was raised about a metre up in steel drums. This was to enable easier no back bend gardening and to keep rodents and animals away.

Secondly there was a clever "wicking bed" system installed to rethink watering techniques for the Australian climate.  A gravel under pit was installed that traps water.Water remains here, doesn't evaporate and the main point is that plants "wick" the water upwards through their root systems. Therefore conserving and using less water and using natural systems to best advantage.

Just recently I went back to have a look and took some pictures of how it was going.

It is thriving!

 Little snow pea plants!
 Snow pea! It was delicious!
 Broccoli: on the way

Monday, August 15, 2011

In between patients: Megan Gale and me

Lunchtime and super models. Here I am with Megan Gale. More about that in a second! In a long break between patients I popped down to Bondi Icebergs to have a cup of tea and review some study for acupuncture. 
One of the great things about Bondi is that there is always something happening and today Megan Gale and a model co-worker where shooting swim suits for David Jones retail store.Probably didn't do as much study as I had planned :P

Me and Megan

Last time i

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Getting sustainable where I live

30 minutes away from me by bike is a food co-op called Thoughtful Foods, on the grounds at the University of New South Wales. This picture is taken from outside, more about that in a moment!

It's so great to have such a great source of low packaged, bulk purchased organic food. Also on Thursday it's organic veggies delivery day. We get the order in and pack it up. After helping out you get a discount on your already cheap price. So good and such a great feeling to be a part of it!

The picture was taken a few days ago when we decided to let people know we had extra oranges for sale. Chalking on the pavement with kids=fuuuun!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bondi in the Winter Sun

Was at Bondi, near Icebergs the other day. It's Winter here in Sydney but we have had a couple of nice sunny days in amongst it. Have a look at the big waves, a few people surfing and the sea horizon from Bondi!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sacred Fest '11

The Gyuto Monks Chanting

A few weeks ago on a cold night in July , Sydney winter time, I went to a mutlifaith music night at the chapel by the sea, Bondi and it totally surprised me.

I was a bit apprehensive to go, but a friend had invited me and I had nothing else better to do that night, so I went along. I thought it would be preachy, a bit boring and very dull! I really thought it would be lame!

I'm so glad I went though. There were about 4 religious types of music represented that were very uplifting. One that I liked the most I will mention in a moment. However what I discovered at this event were a group of people doing something out of love and community. It was simply an event filled with wholesomeness. I can compare it to eating home baked food, as opposed to fast food. It was just tasty, tasty stuff that left me feeling good.

My favourites were the Gyuto monks. They did their chanting. This is the nasal and throat stuff.. It was inspiring and extraordinary. I felt very different after experiencing it.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

LI 5: Powerful

The large intestine channel is diverse and interesting and can help with ghosts!

I was just revising some point location and I found the following about Large Intestine 5:
Dispels Wind Heat
Indicated for headaches, redness, pain and swelling of the eye, toothache, sore throat and pain of the wrist.
Also it's a point used to aide in quitting smoking.
But used with BL61 and LI7 it's great if you're seeing ghosts...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Magnolia Healing Centre: Acupuncture Clinic

I thought it would be nice to show you around Magnolia House healing centre in Rose Bay, NSW. It's a church building, as you can see from the pictures, and the congregation has moved on. The space is now a dynamic healing centre and includes music, art therapy, counseling and also where I come in: acupuncture.

Working inside a church is really is a great privilege and I love it! There is such a sense of calm respect in there. It really is a very beautiful experience. Furthermore I am doing community treatments here and the feeling behind doing that is different. It's so much more relaxed than acupuncture as a business. I am surrounded by great people and patients know that you are doing them a favour with reduced cost treatments and the effort you put in. I found it very humbling and just feels good!

Soon the main hall will develop into a communal community acupuncture space. I can imagine patients getting an acupuncture treatment while they chat to each other, someone plays their favourite instrument and at any moment there will be a cup of tea, ready. Home bake cake and the picture is perfect!!

Outside the front of the church

Here is a labyrinth that was used for the open day a while back near winter solstice

 Here's me helping paint a labyrinth beforehand!
 Inside the treatment room, with the stained glass windows

 Some lovely details from the church

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ross Penman the Pin Man!

Ross Penman!

I thought I would update you on this elusive and popular practitioner! I have bumped into so many Sydneysiders who have had a treatment from him, or know vaguely of him. In my instance I got treatments from him for ages which helped. After a bit of time I invited him to do a talk at UTS for the Chinese Medicine Society which took forever to organise! Anyway a few people saw him and it was great of him to give us more of an insight.

Just recently I saw on the interwebs he is doing some courses and wrote some information up about himself and what he does.

Here’s the link for those interested:


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