Wednesday, August 24, 2011

David Legge Talk coming up

The Chinese Medicine Society presents a talk and workshop: Thursday 1st September 6.30pm, UTS, City Campus.

David Legge patient workshop and talk: Acupuncture Treatment of the Muscular System Using the Meridian Sinews (the Jing Jin)
David is a well known and successful practitioner in Sydney, author and presenter (seminars coming up soon!). He is well know for his book "Close to the Bone". See if you can see it in the video above ;)

Bring a patient or a case study for another dynamic interactive and fun workshop. Learning and developing a case right in front of your eyes!

Contact Damien to book a case study

Free for members, join on the night. Or only $10. Snacks and drinks provided!

Room details to be announced soon

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