Thursday, August 18, 2011

Waverley Community Garden

A couple of months ago I heard about a community vegetable garden dig in Bondi. Me and a few friends went along as it was no ordinary dig!

This vegetable patch had 2 key main interesting features.

Firstly it was raised about a metre up in steel drums. This was to enable easier no back bend gardening and to keep rodents and animals away.

Secondly there was a clever "wicking bed" system installed to rethink watering techniques for the Australian climate.  A gravel under pit was installed that traps water.Water remains here, doesn't evaporate and the main point is that plants "wick" the water upwards through their root systems. Therefore conserving and using less water and using natural systems to best advantage.

Just recently I went back to have a look and took some pictures of how it was going.

It is thriving!

 Little snow pea plants!
 Snow pea! It was delicious!
 Broccoli: on the way

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