Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sacred Fest '11

The Gyuto Monks Chanting

A few weeks ago on a cold night in July , Sydney winter time, I went to a mutlifaith music night at the chapel by the sea, Bondi and it totally surprised me.

I was a bit apprehensive to go, but a friend had invited me and I had nothing else better to do that night, so I went along. I thought it would be preachy, a bit boring and very dull! I really thought it would be lame!

I'm so glad I went though. There were about 4 religious types of music represented that were very uplifting. One that I liked the most I will mention in a moment. However what I discovered at this event were a group of people doing something out of love and community. It was simply an event filled with wholesomeness. I can compare it to eating home baked food, as opposed to fast food. It was just tasty, tasty stuff that left me feeling good.

My favourites were the Gyuto monks. They did their chanting. This is the nasal and throat stuff.. It was inspiring and extraordinary. I felt very different after experiencing it.

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