Monday, May 10, 2010

Herbal clinic-eczema

Before treatment pictures in March 2010

After treatment pictures April 2010

A 20 year old female patient came to the herbal clinic with chronic eczema on her hand. It had flared up and had become worse recently in March 2010. I saw her in cllinc on 30th April 2010.

When she first came in there was a lot of redness and some cracking of the skin and even some previous bleeding. She was given herbs to drink on her first consultation but she couldn’t drink them as they made her physically sick. She discarded the weeks worth. On her second appointment we prescribed an external herbal wash. She boiled the herbs and soaked her hands in the water for a period of time.

We did a tcm diagnosis of Blood deficiency with dry wind heat

These pictures are the week after the first external herbal wash. Here you can see it is reduced in redness and it is less dry. The patient was very happy with the results and so were we!

On reflection the condition was localised so we should have gone for an external wash originally.

It is very interesting to see the patients that come in when the season changes. As we come to Autumn here in Australia the influx has been coughs and in this past two weeks skin conditions have been coming in as the cold dry weather effects and dries peoples skin.

Here’s the external wash formula used:

Ku Shen 20g Damp/Heat clearing

She Chuang Zi 30g External application

Huang Bai 20g Damp/Heat clearing

Bai Xian Pi 20g Heat and Toxicity clearing herbs

Bing Pian 2g Aromatic herb

Tu Jin Pi 20g Known to stop itching

Boil for 40 mins, cool, add a pinch of Bing Pain and soak hands 10-15mins. Then moisturise

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