Thursday, January 17, 2008

One year completed

Here’s an update!
Thanks for visiting. I really appreciate the hits and the feedback I get!
As you can see its been a while since I last updated, but I have completed my first year of study and the feeling is great!
Looking forward to learning and developing in 2008. One subject will be Chinese Diagnostic Systems which I hope will be revealing and helpful and of course back in the clinic for more practical hours, which really makes it all worthwhile.
So that is a quatre of the course complete and we are no longer the newbies as the new first years come rolling in. Fresh pin cushions to practice on ( I mean willing participants…)
Ps the photo is one of my lecturers from last year drawing an 11 fingered example of where channels go… Great lecturer-just bad drawer…


jennybod said...

help many fingers!
I hope the patient gets better soon :-)

Mary said...

I'm interested to know more about the course you are studying...

can you tell me more about it?


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,
I know someone called Mary on the course,she was in the same room that the last photo was taken in!
Anyway...the course, where to begin? Be specific and I'll try and help, otherwise check out my next update as I am going to write up some thoughts about it. Stay tuned!


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