Monday, July 14, 2008

Australian Yin and Yang

I picked up a job on the bottom floor of a big city firm to pay off my own personal yang credit card situation at the moment. I've never worked with a better bunch of characters. One in particular amazed me with his afternoon snack today:
" I feel like weetbix"
Weetbix being a breakfast cereal made of blocks of wheat. Unusual for the afternoon but not too bad you may think. However no milk was involved and two of them were coated with peanut butter (yang-light) and the other two with promite (like vegimite but somehow worse, yin-dark) and he was sober. When I tried this thickly coated and crusty combination it actually worked well! An Australian classic.


Anonymous said...

hey demo! :)
are u enjoying the break?? I DO .
just dropped by to say 'hi'.

haha.. i remember what i said to u before the break started:
"im gonna revise everything i learned"
ONE WEEK left to do that! :)


Damo said...

Yeah classic! Always the way it goes. Mmmm what can i do in one week?? Plan my next holiday!


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