Friday, July 3, 2009

Video Blog number 2! Is TCM a communist philosophy?

Here's another go at video blogging! Picked Seven Shillings Beach as the spot, near Double Bay.
Hope you like the content. Another video is on the way tomorrow!


Mark said...

Nice work Damo. Thanks for going to the effort.

One thought, how do you define spiritual?

Check out the podcasts by Bob Flaws and in particular the ones titled "The Issue of Spirituality in Chinese Medicine", and "The Myths of Orientalism, Romanticism & Golden Ageism". Quite an interesting listen especially after reading "Before Completion" as previously recommended by your good self. The podcasts can be found here:

Let me know your thoughts.


Damo said...

Cool, thanks. I will check it out Mark.

Damo said...

Yeah checked out the "who created TCM" podcast and found it really helpful. Bob is very good!


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