Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New UTS TCM Sign/Advert!

Warren popped out from the clinic to see what was going on: He's standing in front of a picture that Sean took of his hand holding a pen... Wow! That will be there for a few years.
Admiration and awe

You never know what will happen next. From a break up, sideways exam question, sunny days then gale force winds and now this! Walking into uni and suddenly there's a giant, bright sign and advert outside my clinic! In fact I witnessed its application to the wall and the awe it created. It makes you feel proud!
Also if you look closely, Goji berries got in there. Infiltrating the western world: the red berry!


Grow a Remedy said...

I have an interest in alternative medicine and/or treatments and this blog has been nice to read so far. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Finally TCM realises the value of good marketing techniques (It only took 20 years).
With this approach, perhaps the UNI clinic will see more real clients, and not just families and friends of students.
All in all a good move.

Damo said...

Yeah it makes you feel supported and proud to be involved! Plus hopefully a more diverse range of patients will present for treatment


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