Friday, November 20, 2009

UTS TCM FYIC Consultation and Treatment Video

This is the video we came up with! It took a bit of arranging, one morning to shoot and one morning to edit and here it is!
Basically it's to give people an idea of what it's like to get a consultation and treatment and to promote the clinic for final year internships from February 2010. The interesting feedback I'm getting from it is that people had no idea that the clinic was so professional looking! People have said they didn't expect that from a uni. Check it out and give me your opinions. I know the sound isn't that good, but it's the best we could do for the time being. Enjoy!


Kyle @ Photo-Ventura said...

The video idea is great, and you've done a good job putting it together... it gives a good idea of the clinic and the professionalism - though if I was a prospective patient I might be a bit dissapointed to see only one quick pin constituting the treatment part of the clinical experience - a bit more palpation/physical assessment might be appropriate for this kind of condition?

You might like to make a video of Part 2 - "Anatomy of and Acupuncture Treatment", demonstrating a fuller range of techniques like cupping, guasha, moxa, etc, as well as the needling?

Your composure during the filming is good - you get across a calming attitude.

Damo said...

A quick pin-love that!

Someone else said: "there's too much walking around" haha!

I guess it's just to give an idea, but I love the idea of a second part! More detailed and so on.

Thanks for the reflection on my technique :)

One of the nicest things is that when you google UTS TCM Clinic the first hit is my blog then the video. So that is quite good from a search POV.

Thanks Kyle


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