Thursday, October 7, 2010

The End/The Beginning

Last ever lecture today.

What an amazing, amazing feeling to have handed in my last assignment this week and to have just finished my last lecture today. GREAT !.

Off to a hospital in China on Saturday to complete my course.

So check out these memories below and enjoy :)

Handing in last assignment!

Christine Berle, myself and Chris Zaslawski (Head of UTS TCM faculty) after the last lecture ever! Why are we standing all exactly the same???
 Herb clinic with Huiling Yao
 Me at the clinic phone
 Someone put this cute book together :)
 Inside a lecture
 My study at Double Bay library
 Double Bay Beach always made me feel good after a packed day :)

 Getting loose at the 4th Year Party
 Herbal clinic herbs!

Getting herbs with Warren
 Point location practice, thanks Jeff!
Don't know...
 Cramming before the very scary point location exams.AAAAAAAAAArrrgghhhhhhhhhh
 2007. Started with 58 people. 39 came out the other end :) Congrats
 Exam hall fun...For those who bailed: you didn't have to do this, well done!
 James: Hot! :P
 Freaking study cards!
 The packed Health Science lectures
 People crashing out left and right!
 Peter Meier giving helpful, great and down to earth advice
 1st and 2nd Year legs up happened a lot
 Kidney 1, mine. V painful
 Here's an example of lecture pain
 The unfinished shot on the flyer for 4th Year clinic 2010
 UTS Baby, Ciao!

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