Thursday, November 4, 2010

China Japan Friendship Hospital, Beijing: Acupuncture Department with Dr. Bai, part five. Electro moxibustion machines.

These machines seem to have the effect of moxibustion, but without the smoke. They were used a lot in the clinic when I attended. They looked quite dangerous but when I checked one out it wasn’t hot too complicated to use. Four leads come off the machine. Each has a moxa heating device. The moxa is encased in cotton and placed inside the device, then that is placed on the body where needed. The face and CV 4 were the most common areas I saw. They didn’t seem to get hot after treatment when I felt them and I was told the moxa could be used for two weeks. The two main advantages of them were no smoke and not having to stand over the patient for a period of time holding a moxa stick. They were left on the patient for a while and were also used if using electro too. The way they were placed on the body was by surgical tape strapped over them and then on to the body.  I’ve included some pictures too.

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