Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Acupuncture for ear infection

I was inspired to get treatment after I returned from China. 

As promised here are some pictures of acupuncture treatment I had just before the new year for an ear infection.

The special points used are the ones on the leg associated with damp in the body (distal from the issue).
In China patients get acupuncture everyday so I booked myself in for as much acupuncture as time and budget would allow. Three times a week. 

I ventured to the student clinic at “The Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine”. They are a small independent college in China town. Here my friend Tina tried out some nice techniques on me.
Luckily enough she also threw in some head and face massage, of which she is an expert. Thanks Tina for all the TLC treatment.

Afterwards my ear would feel like it was unblocking and popping sounds would occur. This was very encouraging for my long standing problem.

Unfortunately half way through my weeks of treatment a well meaning doctor decided to water syringe my ear to clean it out and I thought it might be better than before. Unfortunately getting water in my ear was excruciatingly painful and put me back to square one with my issue!

Anyway I haven’t managed to resolve the situation yet. I have been investigating and my next step is to try out a large dose of Longdan Xiegan Wan. I was told to double the normal prescription by one practitioner. Keep you posted!

Tina at "SITCM" consulting
 Pulse of patient (Me!)
 Patient ready for treatment
 About to get a needle to the ear-not looking happy!
 Some needles and an ear
 Some of the distal points used as well

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