Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tiger Claw! Endangered species on the streets of Beijing

In China: anything is and was possible! 

During my trip to Beijing in October 2010 I would happen upon anything and everything on the streets. Here's a shocking example.

This actually looks pretty. A different arrangement of articles.Tibetan prayer bowls, jade, bracelets, carved ink stamps, necklaces. Some animal parts for medicine.  A mat laid out with different objects for sale. These were usually sold by Tibetans importing from their country (well now part of China...)

In this bag there was a claw and it caught my attention, so I asked to have a better look

 It was bad enough to see a huge dismembered claw, but quite shockingly it appears to be a tiger claw.

Later on I discovered that they tend to sell a lot of fakes on the streets. However this looks pretty convincing, although hopefully it's painted stripes on another animal, but anything is possible in China!

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