Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hwato SDZ III Needle Stimulator Review

Hello Hwato fans and explorers,

This is the latest version of this machine I believe. The original one I haven't seen but I came across the Hwato SDZ II and that was OK. 

This machine is a big improvement in 3 ways over the mark II and why I spent more money getting it! The timer is digital and doesn't have the annoying ticking sound. The timer alarm is better (but annoying) as the type two played "London Bridge is Burning Down" from what I remember..! But the third great thing is that you can use the electro without the timer, therefore not having the time end alarm going off.

Finally the main thing for me is that it has the CE stamp: "Conformite Euopeenne". This means it meets European product standards. Great for anything coming out of China.  This is good for peace of mind and if anything was to go wrong with electricity and whatever, at least the practitioner can say they have gone to a certain level of responsibility for best practice. I.e. they won't get blamed! Well it shows duty of care, hopefully!

It also has heaps of electro cords coming out of it, easily adjustable intensity and different frequency settings . One thing I noticed is the display flashes when the electro is actually coming through the cords. This is relaxing so you don't have to second guess if it's working or not.

So how much? I spent Australian $310 plus $31 tax =$341
I guess it's pricey but I paid for CE and lots of electro outlets! Also as I had used an earlier version of the same device before which gave me confidence using it..

So a million people will tell me they got it for cheaper etc. I got it from an Australian importer though.  I decided I needed it for treatment now! It was shipped in two days. I didn't pay post either.

Bad things. In China this thing would cost $1. It's as light as a feather so it feels like there is one thing inside of it making it work. I like the blue colour of the older version more. Also let's see how long the display lasts for! However it's got a warranty of a year at least. Looking forward to it just going on and on though!

Finally the main reason why I purchased it. So that people with extreme or ongoing pain have a last option ( I will not use it all the time) as a treatment to prevent surgery. I've seen some great results with electro so I am looking forward to applying this quality machine.

Hwato machine out of the box

 First victim, willing participant: Clinic manager!

 Great to see the CE Marking on this machine (Explained here)

 Even though polystyrene sucks they stuck there logo on it. Kinda cool

 Tanya my second willing participant. She had a cold so I did Lung points with electro

Tanya getting electro while relaxing :)

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