Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Through and Through Technique

Today I met one patient who amazed me. A courageous and dynamic woman caught in a trap of adrenal fatigue and chronic tiredness. The slippery slopes of those syndromes gently clawing in on a young, vibrant life. Not the end of the world or a life, but a dampening of a bright light that will flicker strongly again I am sure.

 I know as I have met that challenge and surfaced on the other side myself. This patient’s journey also had the thick boots of anti depressants to wade through.

What struck me with this person were the level of intelligence, multiple abilities under duress and flavour of life that was shown. This young vibrant person was a fatigue case that I hadn’t witnessed before. 

As we began acupuncture we realised a strong tolerance to treatment. Some acupuncture points could be manipulated strongly with only a slight feedback of sensation. Interesting. I was expecting a weakness with this person’s energy. Usually reduced Qi leaves a person vulnerable and weak. Constitutionally this person had a lot of strength. 

I experimented further needling Lr3 (on the foot) strongly. Usually a sensitive area. This point resulted in almost no reaction: “a slight dullness”. Reflecting in treatment: was this the result of multiple medications? However I have treated schizophrenic patients on higher doses of stronger mind dampening drugs. People who would mumble in consultation but give a clear ouch or signal when the acupuncture was a bit sharp!

Ok how can I make this happen I thought? A brave strong woman. Able to tolerate needle manipulation comfortably and very at ease. Not a problem we can try through and through technique.

 Now I am not worried about using Kd1 on the right people. However I have only heard through and through technique spoken about mythically at university and saw it only once in a Beijing hospital with a critical patient in continued treatment post brain surgery complications ( a surgeon who was a physician at the hospital as it turned out…) The only time I had used it before was to get some green students to try it when I was tutoring at UTS. St 40 through to Bl57. That seemed ok. A bit difficult getting it to poke through the skin’s resistance on the other side. But they did it, and to themselves…

Well it just seemed like a logical step. Lr3 through to Kd1. No problem. Both feet. Patient reporting back sensation and stronger sensation with penetration to the other side but nothing intolerable. 

Next Li4 and Lu10. Try squeezing those two points.  It’s sensitive! This patient tolerated both hands easily… After treating the front we treated the back. This time I did Kd3 and Bl60. With the patient’s permission I took a photo. 

It was great to work with this patient according to their level of Qi. It’s definitely a treatment I would reserve only for those who would be able tolerate it comfortably though. 

Kd3 to Bl60. Slightly angled. Patient feeling great during and after. Stronger technique to achieve deeper movement of Qi

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