Monday, August 20, 2007

Fire Jar Cupping

That's burning hot fire aimed at my shoulder...Or Small Intestine 11 to be more confusing...
After a slide show of burns and abrasions on people's backs that looked as though they had been created that day: " this picture taken...10 years after excessive cupping...". We were given the command go forth and burn my children.
What it does: releases "excess "or "Shi" or "fullness" or "repletion" or angst. Basically gets rid of heat in the body-got a fever? But can be as far reaching as gynaecological issues, to stroke.
The flame in the cup removes all the oxygen and the is placed on the body and sucks up the flesh. Then you can do the real crazy stuff-move the sucked on cup all around the body.
Actually is quite a pleasant sensation considering all the drama involved. And finally I was given a great massage by Alice-the flame thrower in the pic. Not bad for a rainy Monday morning...


Gerard said...

I went to a local Chinese doctor in Johannesburg, and she did the cupping thing on my back. Some of the marks left were black. One extremely hard black spot between my shoulder blades, more to my right side. The doctor being more Chinese was difficult to understand. She however mentioned that I must have felt lately that I am loosing strength.

How does one translate the colours in the different locations?

Damo said...

Hi Gerard,
All cases are uniqique and need to be lookied at individually in my opinion. However dark colours generally are a sign of stagnation and defficiency of some type. Therefore fatigue or lack of strength could be understood within the a case like that. Associated with location is interesting. There are some main points linked with the Bladder meridian on the spine between the shoulder blades. Mainly the chinese medicine concept of the Heart and associations of that. So I hope that helps. Could also be that the practitioner had no mrcy and applied lot of suction to the cups!!


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