Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Scorpions and Urine Test...

Hey it’s great to get hits on this blog and I really appreciate it,so thanx!
Fully recovered after getting my virus! Its great to be alive again!! The lesson learnt seems to be: no matter how weird or boring or dull some bits are, its really great when compared to feeling delirious and sweating for 3 days in a row… My Uni work backed up for a week which left me pretty unmotivated…At about midnight last night I seemed to begin to understand something of my Mid Semester Exam for my major subject of Chinese Medicine Foundations which was today…I’ve now promised myself to GO OVER IT and NEVER TO LEAVE IT!

Other stuff that happened:
Here’s a great ingredient: SCORPION! Great for headache, it’s ok, non toxic in small doses!…

More other stuff that happened:
Below are some shots of the multi stix urine test we did in Western Medicine practical. Unknown urine was presented to us for analysis…So me and a friend used are own… My ketone levels are up, apparently due to losing a kilo or so while sick and my body now feeding off its own fat reserves. Told you.
One of my lecturers agreed to an interview, so that will be on the way, further experiments with herbs too and the clinical acupuncture practicals are rolling: That’s getting less painful and stressful which is a bonus.

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jennybod said...

All very interesting stuff. So pleased you're feeling alive again. Isn't it great to be alive!


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