Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Five golden shiny ancient chamber study tips from the big jade mountain

This is my favourite Chinese Medicine picture. To me it says the studies of medicine are alive, happy and for all, even the animals! Everybody happily looks at the scroll as the information takes the centre of the picture and seems to jump out beyond the confines of the paper it's written on.

Hey Peoples
Here are my study tips for the first years and continuing studiers:

Five golden shiny ancient chamber tips from the big jade mountain to stay on top:
1)Baby steps. Just tell yourself to study one bit at a time to keep going on.
For example in lecture:
“What the hell is this guy going on the <#@!! about??” To self: I will look at the chapter heading or page heading or subject name or course name ( extreme moments of confusion) and start from some sort of beginning. Doesn’t matter where, just so long as I have something to add info too…
Own study:
Do a 20 or 30 minute countdown and say “I am doing something in this time”. Usually gets things rolling for me. Or I will do one card for my flash cards, and it just keeps building.
2)Keep going, no matter how slowly, just don’t stop! Confucius
3)Open minded and open hearted, evaluate after! Don’t get unmotivated by crazy cross meaning, no sense making TCM brainwashing propaganda! The moment this happens forward progress can be halted and then gets worse from there (possibly a backwards movement!) Stay positive, think deliberately positive about why I am here, what my aim/goal/aspiration is. Reflect that these feelings maybe because its midnight before the exam and I am tired, and should have gone over it a bit more…Erm there is always sunshine after the rain…
4)Doesn’t matter what you do, as any exposure to the subject gives you something and fills in a gap somewhere. Chinese Medicine is mostly not linear thinking. It is grouping of info that comes together. The more you grasp the basics the more it seems to fall together. Then you take it to the clinic and it doesn’t make any sense – but then you have experience.
5)Library to study

1. Baby steps
2. Keep going
3. Open minded, open hearted
4. Go over it, go over it, go over it
5. Library baby

Oh and don’t forget to eat things-maybe healthy stuff, coffee accepted
PS study groups , it doesn’t work…
I hope that this is of some help!

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