Friday, March 21, 2008

More pic updates, 4th week

Classic snooze break, identity has been withheld...
Spontaneous Qi Gong moment during a pharmacology practical class
Acupuncture in the real world during a long lecture. Governor 20 gets a work out-direct link to the brain, reinforces ascending qi, revival point ( Rogers 2003, p193). Needle seen in place during lunch as well...
Ref: Rogers, C., Rep 2003, Point Location and Point Dynamics Manual, UTS College of TCM, UTS Printing Services, Sydney, Australia.

60 (!) pills twice a day. Even though the pills are small this is funny!!

In Brief: Got the most hits in one day last week-thanks ! Been practicing points in class-had Gall Bladder 30 needled (buttock) and not as bad as I was dreading. Monday afternoons we swap massages in Clinic manual therapies class, love that! New Chinese Medicine Society at Uni called the Tai Yi Society. Check out the page on facebook:

Have a great Easter everyone

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