Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Your top guide to libraries in Sydney

The View from Double Bay Library Studying in Double Bay Library

Sydney University study desks.
Double Bay library closes at 8 pm-Sad that I know!

No matter how interesting a single book can be, a whole bunch in one place is usually boring-that is unless you need that sense of quiet to propel you through something you have to know. Here’s my list of top libraries in Sydney, starting with fav first-WOW!

Double Bay Library
A hidden gem, quiet, small, nice, 45 degree desks. Used to be an old harbourside mansion that somehow became a library-all with a view across to Seven Shillings Beach and close to where I live. Only problems-mainly an ancient clientele and definitely some mad types go there so a bit smelly.

Sydney University Library
Rows of desks and correct temperature for air conditioning-a must! Also as I am not a member there or even at Sydney Uni. I feel like I’m breaking all the laws-they don’t have a swipe for entrance so its public, in my estimation anyway! The other great thing is: it opens at 8.30 in the morning and I’ve been there then-I know this is sad…

Circular Quay Library.
Yes you can see the harbour bridge from the grandish reading room! This place is ok, but I just prefer the first two because this place has heaps of distractions at Circular Quay.

King Cross Library
This one is fairly new. Perfect if you like your library with vice, porn, drugs and hookers! The seedy feel of the cross seeps into this modern establishment unfortunately for me. The biggest problem are that the desks are too low though.

UTS Library
Basically all my books are here-but the air con is bloody freezing in this place and even though I go to UTS I can’t stand being frozen. That’s why Sydney Uni wins. Ta Dah!!!
Also check out this cool website for Chinese Medicine discussions:

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