Thursday, May 1, 2008


This is a sheep's brain that we dissected. RIP sheep and thanks
Hi people how was your week?
As some might know this was the first week back after a two week break for UTS. And we got smashed! Two exams, one presentation and a brain dissection. Not to mention, which I am, a talk on TCM and IVF treatment, the improvisation class I participate in and doing my job. I think I need a brain dissection.


Paulina said...

Chinese medicine sounds like such an interesting field to go into. I've always been into herbs, acupuncture and acupressure though I've never been brave enough to try acupuncture...

Damo said...

Hi Ya,
Thanks for the comment! Soz about the full on pic! Dissection is part of our curriculum, but I must admit I couldn't go through with it totally. Acupuncture doesn't hurt-thin needles

Anonymous said...

Yuk didn't know you had to do things like that!

Damo said...

Western Medicine is 2/3rds of my course at UTS


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