Monday, December 1, 2008

Chinese Traditional Medicine Collaboration Forum, Sydney

This event came to Sydney over the weekend. I think it was a trade based Chinese Government effort. There was a day of lectures in the forum and some trade stalls of Chinese medicine: lozenges mostly! It was interesting to take in some of the info and it was good to see some familiar faces. Apparently this is the first one of its kind and shows a more deepening interest in Chinese medicine in Australia. It was a good effort I thought with maybe 50 people turning up. Some social phenomena that happened: 6 or 10 people taking in your face pics of lecturers then of the audience, people snoring loudly, triple headed sparkly purple flowers on lecturers lapels, running translation of Chinese after English and no one manning trade stalls. Also a Tibetan monk turned up, see pics, which I thought was very nice.


Anonymous said...

Twas a good day, you should have stayed for the rest of it!
All the super secret - "really important and useful Stuff" was told in the arvo, sadly you wern't there for the last bits including how to make 150K a year plus - doing acupuncture only 3 days a week!..... And i'm not letting on!

Best regards:

The Flying pin!


Damo said...

Hahaha! Double the intrigue "flying pin"! Now I need to know the secret of 150K, 3 days a week and your true identity! Are you a German flying pin by any chance?? Haha

Anonymous said...

Well actually the entire talk was in Chinese - without any overhead projection to keep me entertained. So...Due to total boredom. Well I kind of made the rest up (...or did I?).
In hindsight I should have left early too.

Best regards:
The Non German.... Flying pin!

Ps Out of interest do you guys still learn Hot needle technique at UTS these days?

Damo said...

Hi non German flying pin! Well intrigue continues. Are you practicing at all?
Hot needle technique is verbotten because of scarring, but it has been talked of. You must have been an original as I don't think its been done for a while!

Anonymous said...

Hey now I feel old...
Come to think of it I did graduate 14 years ago, time flys when your having fun.
Should compare old uni notes to see what has changed.
Hot needle = fun, Zi wu liu shu is not, I repeat not fun!

Yep still in practice.
But sadly not as the flying pin.... "Patent Pending".


Damo said...

The flying pin found out! Thanks for visiting. It's inspiring to think you're still practicing from this course after over a decade. Congratulations! Stay tuned as we need inspiring talkers for our Tai Yi Society any anecdotes you would care to share?? I'm Damo Bod on facebook

Anonymous said...

I can't claim to have been in practice for all that time, as have been managing a pharmacy for the last couple of years since moving back to Sydney. (Most of my clinic days spent working in integrative medical centre in Canberra).
Now happily in the process of establishing clinic into pharmacy.
Pharmacy can be a great spot for a clinic, have had one in chemist prior to this and it works well.
Very limited overheads and plenty of walk in potential.
Yes not many practitioners left from my era, we should have been added to the endangered species list years ago.

Survival Tips:
Provide and promote services for what is in demand.
Keep your liabilities low (if possible negotiate % rent not fixed), make sure your clinic is convenient and has easy parking, and don't forget to advertise.
This doesn't need to be expensive, (My webpage costs $35 a year).
You make your own opportunities.


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