Saturday, December 20, 2008

Scarring Moxibustion Result

Pointing to scar on back

Raised white area near finger-marked by red outline.

Caught up with a friend, who studies TCM at another university, to go swimming at a pool in Bondi and we went over some Chinese Medicine too. Found out in his first year he had a class on burning moxibustion. The result is a raised white skin burn on his right side (on Bladder 23-the Kidney Shu point). It's a shame he goes to another uni as he would be a good subject for my continuing point location exams- as the points are marked out on him permanently. The scar is 3 years old and at the time another student placed the moxa on him and walked away out of ear shot. Because my friend had other needles in place he couldn't move to take the moxa off himself. He's also done hot needle technique. Both of these subjects are not covered practically at UTS because of possible burns I guess.

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