Saturday, September 19, 2009

The power of tcm and the power of herbs and the power of life

As always so many things are happening and developing that it's hard to keep up. I was very moved by a story I heard during the week from a friend though: it regards cancer and its treatment. The friend told me about a male who was diagnosed with prostate cancer during 2006. After this diagnosis he changed his lifestyle by becoming vegan, eating unprocessed food and taking up meditation through the Gawler Foundation. He didn't take any western medicine treatment and maintained a course of TCM herbs in a heavily modified formula called Huang Lian Jie Du Tang , with the added herb of the following: ban zhi lian. From 2008 and 25 PSA and blood tests later he is in remission. An amazing story unravelled of the male involved. One of courage, determination. He faced off to normal medical convention and confronted his doctors on why and how. He asked one of them to write a statement of his prognosis and they refused. The male involved also stated that his definition of happiness had changed. Happiness now was an attitude of calm, tolerance, sensitivity, compassion and balance. How had he maintained balance? For example he would schedule all his calls to a certain time and not answer his mobile any other time. If demands were made he would assess them logically and allow the right time for them. For example an urgent document needed to be signed that would take all night to read for the next day. He read it the next day and delayed the deadline.
The simple dried grass looking herb above helped him in this quest for balance too.

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