Monday, September 7, 2009

Where to get lunch?

The lunch question at UTS:answered!
If you head to building 6 you will find smoking types who design. Yes you are in the "design and architecture building". Here the DAB cafe (see quote marks) provides the best salads. Why? The freshness, the variety and the great flavours and great price. Nothing on campus or nearby beats this very friendly and down to earth place. You just have to go up an enormous set of badly designed steps to get there. What a shame...Might try and do a cross promotion with them and the UTS clinic across the road BTW. Stay posted!


~an* said...

Hi! This is probably THE best place to get salad/lunch @ UTS.

The cafe is privately run by an Italian family, and their mains - you can get a mix of 3! of the choices for $9. I tend to go there for my "reward/treat" lunch, and got my friend hooked there as well.

Hi from the free pancake stall :)

Damo said...

Hi pancakes!
Haha yeah this place is awesome and friendly just like you guys :)


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