Saturday, February 6, 2010

Practicing in the clinic

I am now practicing Chinese medicine for real in the clinic.

Clinic can be a very intimidating place! When you have to recall information and ways of thinking at a moments notice in front of your patient and your overseeing practitioner. Then apply these theories in a practical way! Anxiety can run high! Fortunately we have had three years of training but that first week can still be confronting.

With one of my first patients I definitely had a brain blank, luckily I had reference material with me and I was able to piece the diagnosis together!

In fact I can say the first week has been an amazing success in many ways. Firstly I have been very busy with patients. This may be because of my marketing efforts. I will work out later if the patient intake has been more compared to other semesters but my first week has been busy! A lot of my patients rebooked for next week, so things must have gone ok with needle technique and working with the patient in general. Secondly I was able to recall a lot more information buried in my brain than I realised was possible.

Overall it has been just an amazing buzz for me to really practically apply all the theory I have been learning over these years.

I was looking forward to going in and getting “my hands dirty” before, but I just forgot how much I like working with people and making them feel better in a substantial way.

So I have thoroughly enjoyed being in clinic and I am looking forward to seeing all my future patients!

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