Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Marketing the UTS Final Year Internship Clinic

Marketing! I have been thinking of all the ways the UTS Clinic can be marketed so that people know that is even there! It feels to me as a valuable opportunity. Here we are under the umbrella of an established institution at UTS and we can use this as a strong foundation to promote our clinic and to treat patients. Really it is a great opportunity.

I have been busy reaching out to many people in many ways and have had some results! Yesterday I received an email from China Books regarding the clinic, thanks Georgina! This means over a thousand other people would have received this email too. Also my efforts to put flyers in Libraries has paid off. I walked into my local one yesterday and it was up there on the notice board-great! I have been standing on the street handing out flyers, I have been making videos and putting them on YouTube. I have used the electronic billboards around Uni. And there are two seminars coming up, both have over 20 people attending and there are gradually more hits to the UTS FYIC website. Today if you google the UTS Clinic you will get a first page reference to what we are doing.

However the proof is in the patients! I am keen to see if the intake is more for this year and I hope to help a lot of people out with their issues.

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