Saturday, May 21, 2011

Own grown organic herbs for clinic!

My gardening skills and ideas are developing. Just recently a friend of mine, who is a keen organic gardener, showed me some of the herbs he was growing.
I jumped out of my chair in excitement when he told me he had a goji berry plant. I rushed over to have a look at it. The idea of growing some Chinese herbs in Sydney is very possible and below is a picture.

Goji plant.

Also growing very productively was a mugwart plant. Or in Chinese herb terms the much treasured moxa herb for moxibustion. (Ai Ye).

 Moxa Herb:

Mugwort is such a mysterious, beautiful and exciting herb, steeped in western and eastern folklore! I am very excited to have it growing close by to clinic. I intend to pick it, dry it and use it for moxa in clinic to help patients. It really is a very beautiful natural loop to grow local, have local access and treat local. I can't wait to introduce it to patients and see the look on their faces when they discover also that it is from just around the corner :)


Billie Bites said...

That's great to grow your own Chinese herbs. Means they'll be extra fresh too I imagine

Damien Bodnarchuk B.Hlth Sc Tradtional Chinese Medicine said...


Yeah it's a great way to go, just like veggies :)
Hey I got a picture of you in front of food. How do I get it to you??


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