Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Paediatric Treatments

A friend of mine told me about an experience treating a child in clinic.

A lovely woman brought her 2 year old son in for treatment. The child had a bit of a wheezy cough and also some skin issues: white pimple like appearances on the forearms.

Enquiries were made about diet and it turned out the kid was eating a lot of butter. Big chunks of it. Generally the diet was also influenced by rich fatty foods too!

So a Lung Phlegm and Spleen/Stomach stagnation diagnosis was made.

Some simple acupuncture technique was performed. Very quick shallow insertion and removal of the well known child points on the hand at the knuckle creases and due to the lung issue they did BL 13 (Lung point) with the same technique.

The child was needled in the mothers arms which I am sure was a very beautiful and privileged scene to witness! However only one hand was able to be done as my friend wasn’t quick enough after the child quickly recoiled and squashed up into his mum!

From the dispensary my friend found the following: Wangshi Baochiwan pills.
These are very cute tiny tiny patent pills for children. It is a well known pill for phlegm, asthma and cold in China.  It was advised for dosage to take one pill for every month of age, which I thought was cute. So about 24 tiny tiny pills a day. This could be split to morning and evening.


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