Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bondi Not for Profit, Communal, Community Acupuncture

Yesterday was the second week I practiced from Bondi Beach with the not for profit communal community acupuncture experience!

Here a stream of thought overview:

Sunlight, warm weather. I got in at 12pm with two people waiting. Saying hello re-arranging the tables and chairs and setting up my massage table. Only one table due to organising difficulties. Using floor for as second table!

First patient calls daughter to come for treatment. Another person arrives. Take out needles of first 2 people and start new person. People coming and going in the open room. I make a cup of tea. A lovely girl from Germany turns up. Met before: she is on a mission to learn about acupuncture. No problem. Get permissions for her to observe and she happily chats to the next patient as he is face down on the table getting acupuncture. I’m treating his tiredness. 

Daughter of first patient arrives. She has viral conjunctivitis, just like one of my patients from last week! Guess what? Turns out by coincidence she is a doctor too, just like the patient last week! I do the same treatment around her eyes and she is on the towel on the floor face up. The only available space. 

Soon another patient. Girl with a fairy tattoo on her back, in tow her blond haired 10 year old son who starts to open my needle packets…Thanks for the help, but I don’t think I need that assistance right now! Haha. 9 patients later Lance and his dog Elvis turn up at 5pm to start their group for environmental sustainability (Transitions Bondi, here's their link: They both need a treatment. No problem…

 The lovely person from Germany, Lance(on the ground)  and Elvis the dog getting acupuncture at Bondi

Lance and Elvis the dog getting acupuncture!

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