Monday, October 6, 2008

Aboriginal Art and Chinese Medicine

Painting by Urrunga
Hi Blogs,
This is one of my favourite things. It's a painting by an Aboriginal artist who calls himself Urrunga. He paints and sells from a rug on the floor in the Devonshire Street tunnel, under Central station, Sydney.
When I first started my course in TCM I walked past this guy and was knocked over by this really strong piece of art work that called out to me! How rare is that? But it happened. I was just intrigued by it and somehow it had caught my attention past the walking legs and bustling people. As he explained the picture to me I was even more amazed.
What you are witnessing here is an amazing explosion of the imagination, reflecting the world, from a totally different perspective. If you look at the picture the two circles begin in the two knots in the wood. The Moon, large on the right is next to the Sun on the left. Below (or behind) are the star filled rivers of where Urrunga had stayed on a night out in the bush. The planet Earth surrounded by stars and on top are the trees Urrunga could see as the dawn began to strike their barks as the Sun began to rise. Just to see the Moon powering over the Sun and yet to see the awesome latent power of the Sun about to be witnessed on the days dawn. The view of Earth, covered in stars and in vast space, but also anchored to everyday life by the trees and rivers. I was just hit by the absolute latent power there. As each moment is noticed it becomes even more powerful and yet it is all at this tipping point. Vastness , nothingness, beauty , power, everything and nothing. The dawn, the night. Everything is suggested in an opposite way around! In five minutes I saw a breathing, three dimensional vision of latent ability and power. I was amazed at such a vibrant reflection of a beautiful moment. Yin and Yang. Macrocosm and Microcosm.
I look at this picture constantly to help me in my studies. May it help you too.


B.J. von Schneyder Art said...

Wow Damien, what a beautiful piece of work with such an amazing background. I totally love Aboriginal Art, the "dot-technique" and every pattern has it´s own meaning, like in Maori Art as well. This painting definately is a very special treasure.

Damo said...

Thanks a lot :)


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