Saturday, October 11, 2008

History of Chinese Medicine at UTS

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I was going through the Acupuncture Network Forums and I came across this post by Carole Rogers. It gives you all the history for TCM at UTS. I think it's just helpful to have a clear view of how it all developed. I've linked to the post in the title.

"In going through the list of people cited on this discussion the majority of them were trained by Russell Jewell either directly, or indirectly through one of the colleges he founded where they were taught by one of the teachers he trained. The list of notable practitioners in whose training he played a major role includes: Chris Zaslawski, Mary Garvey, Peter Meier, Sean Walsh, Kerry Watson, Alan Bensoussen, Kerry Watson, Mark Aird, Damien Ryan, and every past and present student of UTS and VU.

Besides founding the first acupuncture school in Australia: Acupuncture Colleges (Australia) in Sydney in 1969, he also founded colleges in Melbourne. Adelaide. Canberra and Brisbane that subsequently, and with Russell's blessing, became independent colleges in their own right. Some of these closed, others continued and now offer recognised degree programs. In 1982 Russell turned over his private college to the acupuncture profession so that the college could apply and ultimately gain recognition as a government accredited higher educational body that had the right to offer an accredited Diploma, and subsequently a Bachelor of Acupuncture. In 1992, as one of the three Chairmen of the Board of Governors that ran the College, he approved granting the right to Victoria University to offer a degree program based on the ACA degree program when Dr Kerry Watson organised the first undergraduate program in acupuncture to be offered at a university in Australia. In 1994 he approved the dissolution of the Board of the Sydney ACA and the transfer of the degree program to the University of Technology Sydney. "

There you go! 1994 was when the UTS TCM course evolved and it all started in 1969 from the first acupuncture college in Australia.

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