Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Health Science Lectures (Western Medicine) coming to an end

Overview pic of the lecture theatre


Purple striped socks
Knitting, for 3 hours...

Exclusive pics from inside the lecture theatre

This is the second to last lecture for Health Sciences I will ever have to sit through. Woot, woot! Only two people from my course turned up this week. Me and Jez! The others here are the nurses who we share this subject with.
Health sciences can be interesting and engaging. At this level though the information is thrown at you. For example this lecture is 3 HOURS long! That is a big ask and is an intimidating prospect-especially in first year. Anyway managed to crawl though it all. AMAZING!!
In these pics you get a feel for the place, the classic feet up on the back of the chair in front is highlighted (especially brazen effort as close to front row and purple striped socks) and also managed to capture someone knitting. The book in front is her patterns book, nothing to do with the lecture, haha.
The notorious thing about this lecture theatre was the sub zero air con. Why? Who knows? Did we complain-hell yes. Did the temperature change,no. People would turn up in blankets. The conclusion-hoodies are the most essential item of clothing at uni.
BTW no permission was sought for these photos so if you are looking at this and that is you, I've stalked you. Haha

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