Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Feng Fang! Hornet's Nest!

This caught my attention in the dispensary. It's a dried honeycomb used as medicine. After doing some research I found it's labelled in English as wasp nest, bee's nest or more impresively as Hornet's nest!

From Bensky's Materia Medica it says:
Sweet, neutral and toxic (surprised me)
Enters the Lung and Stomach
Should be used ( after decoction) externally, gargled and never swallowed. Listed in the "Substance for External Application Chapter"
Resolves toxicity, expels wind, alleviates pain. Used topically for skin rash, itching, scabies, tinea, sores: mainly swollen toxic sores and can be used for severe toothache.
Toxicity. Some of the volatile oils irritate the kidneys causing headache, back pain, edema, fatigue, reduced urinary output and acute nephritis. However there are few reports of poisoning because probably the volatile oils are dispersed in the process of decoction. Maybe mainly from overdose or raw form of intake.
I am going to miss this dispensary... I'll have to get my own one later!


Collins Russell said...

To stay young and healthy, bird's nest has long been consumed as a part of Chinese medicine in the East. The health promoting properties is suitable for all ages. It heal from inside beautifying and improving your overall body immunity. Regular consumption of bird's nest will purify and give you a natural health.

Damo said...

Thanks, but I am vegetarian. So not thanks..!


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