Monday, August 23, 2010

Patient testimonial for Heel pain and Weight Loss


I thought I would introduce some of my patients to you! This patient let me video him talking about his treatment for heel pain. I used acupuncture at the site of pain on the back of the left heel and then used electroacupuncture to increase Blood flow to the area to reduce pain. So far we are getting some great results. Later on he asked me about other treatments and we decided to to some acupuncture for weight loss. I used the following points for this according to his diagnosis:
ST 38
ST 40
CV 4
CV 6
ST25 both sides
and 9 needles aimed towards the abdomen either side of the abdomen.
Then I applied electro acupuncture to ST25 and CV 6 and CV 12 for 20 minutes

Last treatment using this technique he lost 3Kg without changing his diet too much. Now we are working on his diet too.

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