Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fire needle technique!!! Pics and video

Box of Tungsten Needles

Congxing Yang(lecturer at TCM UTS) heating needlesNeedle needs to be red hot before insertionJames is the willing participant

Preparing the area on the back for needle insertion
Red hot heated tungsten needles are inserted into the skin for a microsecond and pulled out again. It breaks down cysts, nodules and very tight muscle structures. Surprisingly very little pain is experienced and it is very effective for stubborn issues. Only the smallest mark is left due to the speed of the treatment and only about four insertions were needed in James's case for a cyst on his back.
Thanks Cong and James!


Anonymous said...

Some additional notes:
Sure beats a cortisone injection for joint injuries too if pain relief is the desired outcome.
Unlike cortisone, there is no lumps in the myofacia with repeat use.
Just be wary of accidently tatooing patient by any high flame carbon content.
And yes there is a small chance of infection with this technique. (Betadine is your friend).
Lots of fun...great party trick.
Flying pin.

Damo said...

Thanks for the comment! In my opinion the needle is so heated that any infection would be impossible. I was worried about scarring and marking, but the technique is so quick too that it doesn't seem to happen. Although I have seen scarring on patient where the needle has been retained for slightly longer. The patient in this video reported breakdown of the cyst with white pus the next day..! pretty good!

Mark said...

That's the fire needle that I have been told to fear?!? It didn't seem so bad. I will have to look further into the effects....

Nice work Damo, please keep it up the whole semester :)


Damo said...

Haha thanks! Fear not the fire needle!


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