Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Talk by Paul Movsessian on Japanese acupuncture

Paul Movsessian demonstrated Japanese acupuncture and explained various tools like - Ion Pumping cords, Triple By-Pass Cords, Ion Beam Devices, Electrostatic Absorbers and Zinc and Copper pellets.

In the treatment rooms on level 12 of building 1, UTS

A gathering of like minded peeps
Absorbing Qi...
Some of the tools Paul used on the table.

Halfway during this talk I couldn’t help think how unusual the things were that we were being told. Why at the halfway point? That’s when the electrostatic absorbers came out. What are they? I don’t know, but they come from NASA…

As with new ideas, its good to keep an open mind. A lot of TCM is like that. In fact when I started comparing what I knew, as TCM fact, to the talk I was listening to I realised it was all just another interpretation of energy. However often when I talk to anybody about TCM if I go below the surface details it won’t make any sense to them. Just like Paul and his developed and applied theories. It’s annoying to me as I think truth is uncomplicated and that nature is profound in its simplicity. Perhaps when we try to mimic these things in nature it becomes complicated and we need TCM jargon, NASA and duality magnets to help us understand the beauty of the world around.

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