Saturday, March 7, 2009

TCM UTS 3rd Year Week 2 !! Not for the squeemish!!

Madelaine demonstrating Sishencong or the four alarm points for the headJeff demonstrating everything
My needling practice-thanks Noam
Here's an example of bruising to the conception vessel points below the abdomen. I've seen that before on another woman. Maybe could be a common event, as a tender area...

Hi peeps,
Here's a my week in review. Mainly from our clinic 5 classes which are further acupuncture practice. This week we did the most amount of needling I have done in one session-maybe needled about 20 points each or more. W also did extra points to the normal ones we have to know and we also tried some free needling (needling without the use of a plastic guide tube) technique.

Here's a video of a friend of mine self needling Spleen 6 (above the ankle) vigorously and flicking the needle and so on... Ouch, but he seemed to not mind!

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