Sunday, November 3, 2013

Acupuncture for PCOS: an outstanding trial

I am at WFAS ( World Federation of Acupuncture-Moxibustion Societies). Yes you've never heard of it! Well it's a 3 day conference in Sydney with all things Chinese medicine. More about the conference and it's speakers, stands, information and great people shortly!

An outstanding session I went to yesterday must be highlighted. I was absolutely delighted to see Dr Danforn Lim, based in Australia, talk about Acupuncture and the treatment of PCOS (Polyscystic Ovarian Syndrome). Firstly Dr Lim is a Chinese medicine physician and Western medicine trained physician specialising in women's health, amongst a large list of other things . This explains the bow tie by the way: when bending down normal ties get in the way. So whenever you meet a male Dr who has a bow tie, they are usually specialising in women's health!

His talk was an absolute highlight of the whole day for me. I think his 3 year trial sets the next generation of standards that are capable for Chinese medicine and random control trials. A clear a precise trial with clear protocols and procedures that was extremely well supported.

Firstly return of menstruation was the main goal of the trial. This is a step in treating PCOS that begins the rest of the process of how the patient can be healed.

This trial used a high standard from a Chinese medicine and Western medicine point of view. Western Highlights being 150 patients enrolled. A" ramp in" time frame to analyze  the patient and the syndrome to verify. Monthly blood testing for strict analysis. Correct and thorough defining of terms to define PCOS and therefore clarity of outcome against that. Intelligent sham acupuncture and controls were used.
From an Eastern medicine point of view the trial was specified to one Kidney Yang Deficiency pattern with extra consideration to diagnosis of phlegm or blood stasis. Only candidates from this pattern where included.

The main  points used were:
MCA 18 bilateral
Sp 6 bilateral

The outcome: 98 patients returned to 1 month menstruation cycle.

The paper is due for release shortly 

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