Tuesday, November 5, 2013

WFAS Highlights: Glaucoma

There's is an eye hospital in China with an over 600 patient daily intake. Here Dr. Wang Ying heads up the acupuncture department and overseas the development of treatment for glaucoma.

Primary closed angle (acute drainage blockage at the front of the eye) is a difficult case to treat with eye pressure ranging between 60-80. It needs to be around 40. However primary open angle glaucoma has drainage that is easier to unblock (for want of a better word) and is treated with acupuncture.

The Dr talked of a glaucoma personality in some cases of a controlling, detail, "A type" personality. She also broadened out the Chinese medicine diagnosis. The use of the colour of the eye was employed. All organs in Chinese medicine relate to colours.The idea of wind was also suggested.  The scale went from cloudy, green, jade and black. Ending in the worst colour diagnosis. The poetic resonance of a cloudy wind or black wind was sweet and horrifying at the same time. Instantly making sense in the Chinese medicine doctrine and confounding Western science. Binding and bending my brain at the same time!

We were shown some pictures of animal studies. Acupuncture in the eye. I felt sorry for these rabbits (or bunnies as it was translated). It was announced that acupuncture in the eye was far better than outside the eye: "cannot be replaced by outside points".

Then it was demonstration time. I'm not sure what happened but the demonstration showed all outside eye points. One is a lot further up within the eye socket however. This was at 8am on Sunday morning so perhaps for the benefit of all involved.

Interesting to note no guide tube was used with inserting. Patient appeared very comfortable.

Apparently eye pressure readings were reduced in all cases spoken off. However the duration was temporary and needs trialling and further investigation. However with no side effects or disruption to Western medicine it is seen as a safe procedure.

Man resting on table before treatment
An idea of the organised chaos!

A delicate procedure, done well. The hectic conditions and ease of treatment by the practitioner shows how they normally perform in very busy environments. This was a breeze!

Points: Bl 1, St 1 then a point on top eye lid into socket


Mark said...

Thanks for taking the time to add your thoughts on the conference Damien. Keep them coming. I don't know if I would agree that the chaos was organised.

Damien Bodnarchuk B.Hlth Sc Tradtional Chinese Medicine said...

Hi Mark. Thanks for the comment. Yes it was amazing to see the focus of energy! !And although it looks challenging to be a patient there are a lot of people's minds and attention focused on one spot. Powerful Qi!


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